Jeev Aashraya

Jeev Aashraya is an NGO (non-governmental organisation) operating in the capital of Uttar Pradesh that is Lucknow. It works for the welfare and well-being of un-owned animals. The sole purpose of the organisation is to rescue, provide necessary aid to those suffering from any kind of infections or injuries, rehabilitation, spreading awareness about animal welfare, protecting the animal rights from getting violated and also providing health care treatments. It is an organisation dedicated towards the vulnerable beings that are incapable of expressing themselves and their problems.

Jeev Aashraya is an organisation that truly understands its responsibilities of helping and rescuing the animals in need and making the world a better place for them to live in it. Jeev Aashraya works in a special way, to help people understand that the animals are fellow creatures, that we must protect and love. Humanity’s true moral test consists of how humans treat animals. The team of Jeev Aashraya understands that animals give unconditional love and we as humans need to reciprocate it. The organisation is dedicated in making continuous efforts in saving the lives of the animals and doing justice with them in every possible way. In current scenario our organisation is running free animal rescue helpline service throughout the city. Some animals die a tragic death in road accidents. This helpline service has helped us in reaching the place of accident and providing the injured animal with the required veterinary services, within time all through these years since the time of activation. We also organize various awareness programmes in schools, colleges and fests. The prime motive is to make the people realize about their responsibility towards these innocent beings.

We have set our sights to drive people’s sensitivity towards the non-injurious animals. Our world today is becoming less and less aware of the pain and suffering being inflicted on animals, conditions of the animals is becoming more and more tarred in the society. We aim to instill a sense of belonging for animals in the hearts of the people and request them to consider their companion beings as their moral equals. We spread awareness among people by making use of different media like newspaper, magazines, protest march, social networking sites, etc. Animal Rights is a debatable topic in our country. Most of the cases of animal abuse involve individuals who claim to be the owner of these animals. Unfortunately many of them still believe in the primitive ideology that there is nothing wrong with abusing animals. Not many are fully aware about Animal Rights, so it is our moral duty to comprehend people about the same. Jeev Aashraya intends to encourage maximum number of people to come forward for this benevolent and divine mission of animal welfare. We whole-heartedly work with the motive of CONSERVING WITH COMPASSION.

20126 cases solved as of 29 November 2019

Our programmes

Animal Rescue

Jeev Aashraya works in Lucknow to provide ambulance and animal rehabilitation services all over Lucknow.


Jeev Aashraya helps rescued animals get a new family and animal lovers their new best friend.

Spreading Awareness

We have been heavily inclined towards spreading awareness through social media, conferences and events.


We try to connect with pet lovers & owners alike by organizing events for all age groups.


We occasionally organize crowdfunding events in order to raise funds for treatment of rescued animals.